Hello and welcome to Plux Stays.

Our family loves to travel around New Zealand and around the globe! With three kids in tow, most of the time we need to book two rooms to accommodate us all comfortably. It gets too expensive and impractical more so now that the boys are older.

We have experienced it all. We have travelled with a month old baby before overseas. The exhaustion of flights, drives and the unknowns can get overwhelming.

This is why Plux was born. We are offering you a home to rest and relax so you can fully reset and enjoy your trip.

Whether you are a family or a group of friends / colleagues, travelling for holiday, events and work, let us accommodate you ...the Plux way. We love what we do and we mean it!

It is our great pleasure to host you and we appreciate you staying with us.

Your Plux Hosts,
Matt and Bev together with our sons
Vince and family